I am interested in the formal aspects of pictures: composition, color, luminosity, and the ways in which three-dimensional spaces are translated into two dimensions. Practically my sole interest in subject matter is in finding subjects that are sufficiently nondescript so viewers are not encouraged to seek meanings in them that I do not intend.

A friend with an avid interest in politics saw a picture that has a street crossing light with a "don't walk" hand lit next to a street sign for Coal Avenue (in set five) and asked me if I was telling people to stop using coal. Since such a message was the never my intention, and because I believe he knows me well, I think he was being facetious.

A different friend, who teaches beginning photography, told me around the time I was starting back up that she prohibits her students from taking pictures of cats, dogs, babies, flowers, sunrises, or sunsets; this to impress on her students the value of going beyond the way a picture is sometimes no more than a surrogate for the subject. I think I took her dictum as a subtle challenge to find interesting ways to use those banned subjects.

These pictures are from 2005 and were archivally printed as 12-inch by 16-inch images on 13-inch by 17-inch paper.


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